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What is "Energy-4-Good"?

 Energy-4-Good is simply taking a product most of us already use and pay for on a daily basis, our home electricity and natural gas bill, and turning it into a fundraising opportunity for a community organization. Each household represents a potential donation of up to $75.00!


What's The Catch? 


There is no catch. Most homeowners don't realize that for 15+ years they have been granted the option of choosing their energy supplier. Home energy choice has been an option for homeowners and renters for 15+ years (state-dependent).  In fact, x% of homes in Maryland have already chosen their electricity and natural gas providers independently. And now there is an opportunity to turn a regular monthly expense into Energy-4-Good! 


How Do We Get Started?



First, get in touch with us and we’ll walk you through all of the program details.  


Next, we’ll create a landing page and marketing materials you can use to let your community and supporters know about this exciting opportunity to raise funds for an organization they care about. Using your social media, e-mail, newsletters, and friends-telling-friends, you spread the word about the unique opportunity with links to the enrollment page that identifies the beneficiary. 


Finally, your supporter visits your organization’s unique enrollment website to lock in their new fixed-rate residential energy (electricity and natural gas) plan, and secure a donation to your organization. It’s that easy!


How Much Can We Raise?


Energy-4-Good can raise a significant amount of money compared to traditional fundraising efforts.


Each sign-up for home fixed-rate electricity supply is a $50 donation for your organization.  Each natural gas fixed-rate supply sign-up is a $25 donation. That’s potentially $75 for each supporter - which can add up quickly.  These donations are available to your organization in roughly five to six weeks. 



To get started contact Electric Advisors today!


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Questions we may want to address on this page that I don’t know the answers to:

Are the plans fixed rate?

Is the organization part of the energy contract in any way?

"Electric Advisors helped us lower our electricity costs by $220.00 a month per store. With four locations, the savings were meaningful."- ErichMulti Unit Food Retailer

Start Saving

It doesn't matter whether you have a small office condo with an electric and gas bill, or you manage multiple apartment complexes across the United States. It has never been easier to get pricing. Within a few minutes of recieving your one complete utility bill, we will be back to you with options for your consideration. 

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