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Since 2006, Electric Advisors has been educating and delivering electricity and natural gas supply buying strategies to commercial customers, large and small. Our ever-expanding list of suppliers enables us to bring our clients unique products, competitive pricing, creative buying strategies, and market insights.

Also, delivering post sale follow up to ensure successful supplier-utility integration, market updates, and potential mid-contract renewal buying signals. Based in Bethesda, MD, Electric Advisors has gained licensure, or state specific permission that allows us to help our clients, wherever their assets are in the United States. 

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"I trust Russell and EA's team with energy advise, I don't have time to focus on it."- PF Restaurant owner

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It doesn't matter whether you have a small office condo with an electric and gas bill, or you manage multiple apartment complexes across the United States. It has never been easier to get pricing. Within a few minutes of recieving your one complete utility bill, we will be back to you with options for your consideration. 

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