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Contract Today! In most cases we are able to provide rate quotes and contracts in less than four hours. Businesses with larger energy volumes, multiple meters, multiple locations, or other unique details may require additional time. All we need is your utility invoice(s) so we can analyze the amount of usage and it's time distribution, determine your rate class, and review other details on the invoice needed to get the most competitive pricing from our suppliers. Are you already under contract? We can still help you!  Contact us and provide us with your expiration date and we can set you up with a new contract when your current contract expires or add time to your existing one.

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Electric Advisors' goal is to help our clients take advantage of energy choice and to show them how it can benefit their organization's bottom-line. We continually seek out new energy companies to add to our growing list of suppliers in order to stay on top of new product offerings, find the most competitive pricing, and ensure we can provide business friendly contracts. Committed to the community, Electric Advisors is an active member of many chambers of commerce, business associations, and trade groups. Our Energy Brokers are also involved individually in community activites from Rotary Clubs, blood drives, houses of worship and much more. Engaged in your success and the success of the community, that's Electric Advisors!


Important: Recent Utility Bill Account Number Changes

If you receive a utility bill from a Pepco Holdings Inc (PHI) subsidiary (Pepco, Delmarva, Atlantic City Energy) you now have a new 11-digit account number and a new 22-digit service number. Both numbers are important and have different uses.  Links to the websites of the effected utilities FAQ pages are at the end of this post for you to peruse.  Your new 11-digit account number appears as usual on the first page of your invoice.  MORE

Protect Your Business and Your Family

Thieves are hoping someone answers the phone.   Not to start of the year with a bad news story, but more a story to protect you, your business, and your family from fraud. Recently Electric Advisors has had a few commercial customers who had scammers call their facilities with a false claim of representing Pepco and demanding immediate payment for past due bills, or face having their power cut off in a matter of hours. The voice MORE
Industries we work with

Electric Advisors has worked with an incredible group of leaders and decision makers from organizations and business types as diverse as the landscape in our country. While diverse, all of our clients have one thing in common: they pay their own energy bills. From the for-profit sector, we have helped apartment buildings, butcher shops, restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, warehouses, office buildings, and many more. From the not-for-profit industry we have helped houses of worship, elderly services, children's services, animal shelters, medical clinics, professional associations, and many more.


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